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April Blizzard hits Colorado! If you are experiencing any storm damage signs now or in the future, don’t hesitate to give us a call for an inspection and estimate: (303) 853 – 0072. We work with your insurance.

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K&P Exteriors and WSRCA

K&P Exteriors is now a member of the Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA).

The WSRCA is a non-profit regional association of roofing, roof deck and waterproofing contractors and industry related associate members. The association’s close and frequent contact with members and its programs and services are vital to the successful operation of member companies.

A lot of effort and dedication goes into being accepted as a member of industry associations. A great accomplishment!

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Colorado Home Building Academy

Building quality homes in Colorado is in high demand, however, to build quality homes, you must have trustworthy and educated workers. Colorado struggles with finding qualified construction workers. Amazingly, a local builder created an Academy to address this issue! In addition, some K&P Exteriors looks for qualified workers for all of their projects, and some of the associated have been well trained from this academy!

Oakwood Homes, prominent residential building company in Colorado, and a close partner with K&P Exteriors, created the Colorado Home Building Academy to train construction professionals. CHBA provides Construction Building Boot Camps to enhance professional skills, as well as degrees in Construction Management.

Recently, CHBA was featured on 9News. For that news article and video, follow this link:

For more information regarding CHBA, visit their website here:

K&P Exteriors employs certified and trained professionals to ensure dependability and quality of their home building work. A few K&P Exteriors employees have had training through the Colorado Home Building Academy.

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K&P Exteriors – Tips to Help Home Owners Prepare for a Roof Replacement or Repair

Once the roofing company arrives, your house is a work zone. Work zones, as you can imagine, pose unexpected hazards.

K&P Exteriors strives to make roof replacement as stress-free and seamless as possible. As a homeowner, there are some safety precautions and preparations you can make so you’re 100% ready for our team to work on your roof!

Here are some tips to help make your roof replacement goes as smoothly:

Construction noises can be loud, and may increase anxiety or disturb sleep for pets and children. In addition, work zones are extremely unsafe for pets and children. Explain to your kids that areas of the yard and house will be off limits while the rood is being replaced or repaired. Maybe even consider having your pets and children visit a good friend or another family member’s home for the duration of the roofing work.

Roofing contractors will need quick access to their vehicles for tools and materials to get the job completed effectively and timely. Let them park as close to your home as possible. Also, you may want to keep your garage doors closed during construction to keep out dust and debris.

To play it safe, you may want to remove any decorative fixtures handing on your walls, or even light fixtures (such as chandeliers). Vibrations from hammers and machinery installing your roof may cause them to fall or crack.

If you store items in your attic, you may want to cover them with sheets to avoid any dust or debris that may filter down during a roof replacement or repair.

You may want to put grills, patio furniture, potted plants, or other outdoor items at a safe distance from the work zone. Also, covering these items with a tarp will help keep them free of roofing debris and dust during a roof replacement or repair.

Tree branches that hang low near your roof will need to be trimmed so contractors have easy areas to all areas of your roof.
Please note, your roofing contractor should use drop cloths to protect plants and grass in the immediate perimeter of your home.

Contractors will need access to electrical outlets for their tools while working. If you can tell them where the exterior outlets are, that will save them time hunting around your house for one.

If you have any antennas or satellite dishes located on or very near your roof, you may need to have them removed for the duration of the roofing project. Call your cable or satellite provider to make arrangements before roof work begins.

Construction at your home will create safety hazards. Extension cords and other construction equipment will be in the way, possibly below peripheral vision. Stay alert during this time to prevent injuries.
Finally, remember that construction on your home of any kind will be potentially inconvenient. However, it is temporary! Soon you will have the new roof that you’ve been waiting for.

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K&P Exteriors – Roofing in Cold Weather

Many home owners choose to have their roof inspected and repaired or replaced during the warmer months of the year. Customers often ask if it is okay to install a new roof when temperatures are extremely cold. There are no specific industry guidelines for temperature and roof installation. K&P Exteriors installs all home exteriors all year round, although, we do pay attention to the weather and choose the warmer winter days for installation.

Another concern we hear from homeowners is if the self-sealing strips will bond properly in cold weather. In addition to self-sealing strips, our teams use the extra technique of hand-tabbing, which is the process of adding adhesive to the underside of shingles to keep them in place until the strips bond completely.

When you decide to replace your roof, the K&P Exteriors team, is available to provide high quality customer service and installation for your home exterior needs.

K&P Exteriors is the roofer you can count on for quality. Call us at (303) 853-0072 for a roof inspection and estimate for your home exterior needs!

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Project Highlight – K&P Exteriors works on American Dream Home designs by Oakwood Homes

Project Highlight – American Dream home designs in Colorado

K&P Exteriors is proud to be part of the building process for the Oakwood HomesAmerican Dream home designs. The roofing and siding teams of K&P Exteriors have been responsible for finished the majority of these homes exteriors.

The American Dream Home Project focuses on high quality homes at a more affordable rate. These homes can be purchases in the lower $200,000s. The homes include modern finishes, low maintenance yards, unique floor plans, 2 to 4 beds, 1 to 3 baths, 987-1701 sq. feet., and 1 to 2 car garages.


For more information, view available homes, and get started on buying an Oakwood Home visit:

Click here for the original Denver Channel 7 News article about the American Dream Home Project.

Click here for the Denver Post article.

K&P Exteriors is the roofer you can count on for quality. Call us at (303) 853-0072 for a roof inspection and estimate for your home exterior needs!

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