K&P Exteriors Associate Spotlight – December 2018 – Megan Sommers

K&P Exteriors Associate Spotlight

Megan Sommers

K&P Exteriors Lead Estimator

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

How has working for K&P Exteriors helped you in your career Development?

I have gained so much. Originally I didn’t know much about the construction and roofing field, and ever since I was hired, I have been learning new things everyday. K&P has helped me start a career I didn’t even know I was interested in.

What do you like most about working for K&P Exteriors?

Everyday I’m learning something new. Never a dull day here, and I am constantly challenged in my work.

What do you love most about living in Colorado?

You can do outside activities all year round. I love camping, hiking, and concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

What is something you’ve always wanted to try?

Skydiving and travel to New Zealand.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Sea Urchin.


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Questions You Should Ask a Prospective Roofer – K&P Exteriors

Here are four questions you should always ask a prospective roofer before you hire them:

  1. Are You Licensed?

Roofing contractors are generally required to hold licenses for the areas they do work in. make sure a contractor’s license is up to date. Licenses are included in public domain information, so homeowners can easily find these listed on a google search. Most contractors even list their licenses on their webpages. Homeowners can also check if a contractor has any outstanding violations. Doing license checks help you find trustworthy contractors.

  1. Do You Operate Locally?

Hiring a local contractor is safer in the long run. Finding the company listed on google with a physical address ensures you can contact the roofer after the project’s completion. Hiring a local contractor has other benefits too. See our post about Benefits to Hiring a Local Contractor.

  1. Can You Provide References?

Looking at a contractor’s previous work gives homeowners ideas, as well as proves the company’s authenticity. Most contractors have a list of previous clients who are willing to give a firsthand review of the contractor’s work.

  1. Do You Have Insurance?

Roofing and siding projects are physically demanding. There are dangers included in this work. Make sure your contractor offers compensation and liability insurance for accidents on the job. A contractor that has such insurance protects their workers and clients welfare for any damages accidentally incurred during the job.

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K&P Exteriors – Roofing Material for Pitched Roof

Roofing Material for Pitched Roof

Here is a comprehensive comparison of popular roofing materials. Whether you are looking to replace your roof materials, or just curious for personal knowledge, here is a list to start with.


Asphalt Shingles are the most widely used roofing material. The asphalt is water resistant, which makes it great protection against wet weather. In addition, the granules on asphalt roofing shingles help protect against UV rays. Asphalt shingles tend to be layered when installed, which adds even more protection to the roof of your home. An Asphalt Shingle roof typically lasts about 20 years.

Metal Panels

A metal roof should last as long as the house. Metal is fire, mildew, insect and rot resistant. It is also very waterproof and can quickly warm with small amounts of sunlight to better melt snow. In addition, metal reflects radiant heat from the sun, minimizing heat in the home, and saves energy needed for air conditioning.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are baked molded clay. Once baked, clay tiles are resistant to fire and are very waterproof. Because they are a curved shape, they help insulate heat and cold. Bonus, because clay is naturally derived from the earth, they are environmentally friendly and easily recycled. Manufacturers of clay tiles boast that their product can last up and over 100 years.


Concrete tiles are made of sand, cement, and water. This mixture is put under head and high pressure to make the tiles. They are waterproof, and resistant to hail, wind, and fire. A cement roof can last up to 50 years.


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K&P Exteriors Associate Spotlight – Nicholas Panico

K&P Exteriors Associate Spotlight

Nicholas Panico

K&P Exteriors Regional Construction Manager for Northern Colorado

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

How has working for K&P Exteriors helped you in your career Development?

Working for K&P has taken me from having just basic knowledge of exterior building to advanced knowledge in a short time. It really has started my career.

What has been your favorite project at K&P Exteriors?

I like our custom, special projects. Recently we had one in Nederland, installing copper roof tiles. Working with copper tiles was interesting, the property was beautiful, and the installed product was gorgeous.

What do you love most about living in Colorado?

My hobbies are outdoor related (hunting, fly fishing), so Colorado has a lot to offer there. I love the mountains, the mountain streams, and beautiful wildlife. You can enjoy the outdoors in many different ways.

What is something you’ve always wanted to try?

Salt water fly fishing in the salt flats, Jamaica or Bahama Islands.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?



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Here are a few easily identifiable signs that it may be time to replace some, or all, of your home exteriors.


If you notice curling shingles, excessive dark patches, missing shingles, leaks, paint or glue bubbling around your gutters, or rotting eves on are around your roof, it may be time to repair or replace your roof!


If you notice any cracks, curling, soft and rotten patches, or any form of discoloration in your siding, it may be time for repair or replacement of siding materials. Siding typically lasts for up to 30 years when it’s taken care of. It is recommended you repaint your siding every 7-15 years to help extend the life of your siding material.


Vinyl siding is a bit different than other siding, though it is becoming more and more popular as an exterior material for homes. If you notice any holes, drastically different colors on different sides of house, cracking, hanging loose, in your vinyl siding, it may be time to repair or replace! Lifetime of vinyl siding is typically 20 years.


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K&P Exteriors, LLC is trusted by Team Dave Logan since 2017.

Companies trusted by Team Dave Logan go through an extensive pre-screening process, and are annually screened during their membership. Team Dave Logan assembles a list of the best professionals for local communities! If a company is backed by Team Dave Logan, you can rest assured those professionals can be trusted in your home.

Team Dave Logan Listing:…

Winterize Your Home

Our new fleet of trucks are ready for work!


We’ve already had a couple snow days this season in Colorado! It is time to make sure your home is ready for winter! Feel confident your roof will last the cold seasons.


If you suspect any damage to your roof, siding, or gutters, or have not had a roofing inspection in recent years, call for a professional roofing inspection as soon as possible! K&P Exteriors provides roofing and siding services to the Colorado Front Range. We deliver uncompromising customer service that has made us a trusted name in the roofing industry.

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Gutters play a crucial role in protecting your roof, windows, siding, and the foundation of your house from water damage. Gutters must be cleaned out periodically to adequately to keep the drainage process functioning properly. Remember to keep your gutters clean and well cared for during the winter to prevent ice buildups. Ice buildups in gutters contribute to leaks in the roof. Leaks cause damage to the structural elements of your home. Even with proper gutter installation, the weight of ice and snow can often be enough to pull a gutter loose from the side of a house, thereby causing significant damage and repair problems.

Here’s what to do to prevent problems and manage any that occur:
  1. Tighten all gutter joints and ensure that the hangings are strong and well secured to the side of the house.
  2. Check all gutters and drainpipes for debris and clean any debris you find carefully.
  3. If you notice gutter hangings beginning to pull from the wall, purchase new hangings or new screws, and secure the gutters more tightly.
  4. If you identify ice damming and water damage, investigate and repair that damage before the issues get worse.
  5. If water leaks from connections between gutters and drainpipes, call a professional roofer to inspect and develop a plan of repair.

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Benefits to Hiring a Local Roofing Contractor

Here are some benefits to hiring a local roofing contractor that you may not have thought of.

Verifying License, Insurance, and References, is Easier

Obtaining a contractor’s license and insurance information, as well as contacts for references, is easier when you work with a local contractor. In addition, you might be able to visit homes in the area that your roofer has worked on and examine their handiwork.

Lower Chance of Issues with Non-Compliance

Local contractors are more familiar with local building codes, which means you won’t have to worry about your new roof having compliance issues.

Have a Local Contact in Case of Roofing Emergencies

Having a local roofing contractor’s number in your contacts list can be helpful if you need assistance after a storm or for any type of roofing emergency. They can also better handle insurance documentation since they work regularly with local insurance agents and understand weather damages in their areas.

Receive Full Attention

Local roofers tend to be better at providing full attention to their customers, on a compliance level as well as communication with home owners for the success of the roofing project. Being a smaller team, the owner and managers are knowledgeable about roofing work and take a hands-on approach to each project.

Part of the Community

Local roofers are not just business, they are part of the community. They usually give back to the local community in some way through groups and charities such as St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway.

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Common Causes of Roof Leaks

A leaking roof causes damage to your attic insulation and roof deck causing mold and mildew growth and reduced energy efficiency. Roof leaks have several causes, all of which require the assistance of a professional Roofing Contractor. Here are some common causes of a roof leak:

Loose, Cracked or Rotting Shingles

The biggest cause for roof leaks. If your roof is older, you may see signs of cracking or rotting in the shingles. Also, shingles may come loose and go missing. A weakened outer layer will expose your home to the elements, which wears on the under layers and eventually cause leaks to form. If your roof is in such a condition, you need to have it inspected.

Roofing Nails Backing Out

Apart from roofing shingles, roofing nails can sometimes back out. This leaves small holes that water can easily penetrate, and leave your shingles unstable. Such little holes are typically unnoticeable to an untrained eye, however, a good roofing inspector is trained to see the signs of nails backing out.

Damaged or Dislodged Flashing

Flashing is a piece of metal that protects the areas of your roof where it meets a vertical surface (i.e. walls). If flashing is damaged or dislodged by strong winds, this could leave those areas of the roof exposed. A perfect way for rainwater to get in.

Cracked Rubber Boots

Plumbing vents and anything that protrudes from the roof require a rubber “boot,” which works like flashing by protecting the area where it meets the roof. Continued exposure to outside conditions will eventually crack or dislodge the rubber boot.


Are you seeing these signs on your roof? Catching these issues early help you prevent bigger repair expenses or even a premature roof replacement!

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