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Colorado Home Building Academy

Building quality homes in Colorado is in high demand, however, to build quality homes, you must have trustworthy and educated workers. Colorado struggles with finding qualified construction workers. Amazingly, a local builder created an Academy to address this issue! In addition, some K&P Exteriors looks for qualified workers for all of their projects, and some of the associated have been well trained from this academy!

Oakwood Homes, prominent residential building company in Colorado, and a close partner with K&P Exteriors, created the Colorado Home Building Academy to train construction professionals. CHBA provides Construction Building Boot Camps to enhance professional skills, as well as degrees in Construction Management.

Recently, CHBA was featured on 9News. For that news article and video, follow this link:

For more information regarding CHBA, visit their website here:

K&P Exteriors employs certified and trained professionals to ensure dependability and quality of their home building work. A few K&P Exteriors employees have had training through the Colorado Home Building Academy.

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