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Having a roofing or siding system that you can trust to shelter your assets is essential in our tumultuous Colorado climate. From cold and snowy nights, to sun soaked days, exterior systems in our state need to be able to perform at their best in all situations. At K & P Exteriors, we strive to provide every customer with a solution that fits their needs and their budget. We are continually seeking out the most current products in the industry to evaluate and offer to our customers. Our experienced installers and supervisors make sure any of the exterior solutions you choose will withstand Colorado’s unique elevation and weather patterns. At K & P we are proud to offer a wide variety of exterior applications that include but are not limited to siding systems, conventional and custom gutters, windows, and many types of fencing.

Company story:

K & P Exteriors has been in the exterior industry since 2013. K & P takes pride in representing ourselves with the integrity and the experience of our supervisors and crews. Originally the brainchild of a University of Colorado graduate and one of his friends from college, it started with Kyle himself up on roofs installing every day throughout the hot summer days. While installing day after day to try to keep up with the demand within the new construction industry, it soon became apparent that additional crews were needed to be able to meet production schedules.

Since its humble beginnings, K & P has grown exponentially. Our supervisors and installation crews can handle all roofing systems and siding applications in the industry. After successfully breaking into the new construction industry, it quickly became apparent that there was a need for a reliable contractor in the re-model industry. Using the same models that continually makes K & P successful in the new construction industry, K & P handles complete re-model projects internally. From meeting the customer and discussing material, to scheduling, ordering, and installing, K & P offers a complete turn-key solution for any exterior re-model project out there.

In 2019, K & P Exteriors expanded to Utah and has operations ongoing in the Salt Lake City area.

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