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K&P Exteriors – Roofing in Cold Weather

Many home owners choose to have their roof inspected and repaired or replaced during the warmer months of the year. Customers often ask if it is okay to install a new roof when temperatures are extremely cold. There are no specific industry guidelines for temperature and roof installation. K&P Exteriors installs all home exteriors all year round, although, we do pay attention to the weather and choose the warmer winter days for installation.

Another concern we hear from homeowners is if the self-sealing strips will bond properly in cold weather. In addition to self-sealing strips, our teams use the extra technique of hand-tabbing, which is the process of adding adhesive to the underside of shingles to keep them in place until the strips bond completely.

When you decide to replace your roof, the K&P Exteriors team, is available to provide high quality customer service and installation for your home exterior needs.

K&P Exteriors is the roofer you can count on for quality. Call us at (303) 853-0072 for a roof inspection and estimate for your home exterior needs!

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