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Roofing Materials Part 2: Wood vs. Tile

Roofing Materials Part 2: Wood vs. Tile

Wood Roof

A Wood shake roof can last an average of 40-60 years. The material is usually red cedar and used for residential buildings. Wood roof protects from wind, rain, sun, snow, hail pretty well. However, the cost of wood roofing is high. Prices per square foot range between $400 and $700. Other pros to wood roof is the natural beauty and eco-friendly. Cons are the high cost, and they require regular maintenance. One of the big maintenance factors is keeping rot and moss from growing on a wood roof.

Tile Shingles

Tile shingles can last on average 50-80 years, but many tile roofing lasts even longer. They are good against fire, hail, snow, and rain. Materials for tile roofs are clay, cement, or polymer sand. Tile roofs are used on both residential and commercial buildings, especially for a nice historic style. Cost for tile shingles is high. Ranging from $300 to $700 with installation fees between $10000 and $14000. Some other pros are recyclable materials, elegant and historic look, long lasting, relatively easy to replace, rot resistant, eco-friendly. Cons are the high cost, heavy, and install is rather complex.

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