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The roof of a building or home shows architectural character and history. A roof style conveys the time period and culture of a generation or more. Many historic landmarks need exterior repair. Therefore, the U.S. General Services Administration, Center for Historic Buildings, has created specific guidelines and considerations when renovating historic buildings. The basic principle is to restore the building as close to its original looks as possible. Characteristics to be considered when planning the re-roof of a historic building are:

(1) Visibility, color, texture, size, and range of original roofing materials,
(2) historic roofing durability and performance,
(3) roof configuration, including eave detailing,
(4) method(s) of attachment,
(5) original ornamental features such as finials and acroteria. (GSA, Technical Preservation Guidelines: Historic Building Roofing, 2009).

Building contractors recruited for re-roofing a historic buildings need to follow the GSAs guidelines in order to preserve architectural culture. Some historic buildings have a specific Building Preservation Plan (BPP) or Historic Structure Report (HSR). Owners of historic buildings need to be aware of any BPP or HSR associated with their structures. These plans and reports will help guide and quicken a historic renovation process.

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