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Prepare Your Family and Home for a Roof Install

Prepare Your Family and Home for Roof Install

Kids and Pets

Construction noises may increase anxiety or disturb sleep for pets and children. In addition, work zones are extremely unsafe for pets and children. Explain to your kids that some areas will be off limits while the roof is being replaced or repaired.

Relocate your Vehicles

Roofing contractors will need quick access to their vehicles for tools and materials to get the job completed as soon as possible. Move your vehicles so they can park as close to your home as possible.

Remove Wall Decorations

Play it safe. Remove decorative fixtures hanging on your walls, or even light fixtures (such as chandeliers). Vibrations from hammers and machinery installing your roof may cause them to fall or crack.

Cover Belongings in the Attic

If you store items in your attic, you may want to cover them with sheets to avoid any dust or debris that may filter down during a roof replacement or repair.

Move Grills and Patio Furniture

Move grills, patio furniture, potted plants, or other outdoor items at a safe distance from the work zone. Also, covering these items with a tarp will help keep them free of debris or dust.

Identify Several Accessible Power Outlets

Tell the contractors where all the exterior outlets are, they will utilize most of them for tools.

Remove Antennas or Satellite Dishes

If you have any antennas or satellite dishes located on, or very near your roof, you may need to have them removed for the duration of the roofing project. Call your cable or satellite provider to make arrangements before roof work begins.

Be Extra Aware of your Surroundings During Construction

Construction at your home will create safety hazards. Extension cords and other construction equipment will be in the way, possibly below peripheral vision. Stay alert during this time to prevent injuries.

K&P Exteriors strives to make roof replacement as stress-free and seamless as possible.

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