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K&P Exteriors Works Closely with Big Name Colorado Builders

K&P Exteriors Works Closely with Colorado Builders

K&P Exteriors has been in the business since 2013 and is trusted by many big name construction companies for roofing and siding. We are continually seeking out the most current products in the industry to evaluate and offer to our customers. Our experienced installers and supervisors make sure any of the exterior solutions you choose will withstand Colorado’s unique elevation and weather patterns. We are involved in large cultural and community buildings as well as new home and historic home projects all along the Colorado Front Range. Some of the esteemed builders in Colorado K&P Exteriors works closely with are:

Oakwood Homes

Cardel Homes



Fransen Pittman

If you have a home built by any of these contractors, call us for any roof or siding inspections and/or repairs.

The K&P Exteriors team can help you explore and understand options to protect your roof. Need a roof or exterior inspection and repair from a qualified professional?

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