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Parts of a Roof – Quick Guide

The roof of your home is fairly complex. Many of us homeowners probably don’t think beyond shingle cover, gutters and attic support. However, your roof has many various features and layers. Here is a quick list of roof parts, all of which are important for the integrity of the roof to last.

  • Ridge board: horizontal timber or metal resting at the peak of the roof. Rafters are connected to the ridge board creating the roof framework.
  • Solid decking: made to resemble real wood, placed as the basic roof cover and enclosing the attic.
  • Felt underlayment: a waterproofing layer made of felt. Stacked on top of the solid decking. Roof shingles are placed over the felt layer.
  • Shingles: the roof cover that protects against the elements. Made from various materials such as slate, wood, flagstone, plastic, and/or metal.
  • Vent pipe flashing: external part of vent that prevents water seeping.
  • Chimney and chimney flashing: the chimney ventilates smoke and combustion gas. The flashing is the waterproof seal at the roof and chimney connection.
  • Collar beam: horizontal beam connecting rafters that intersect.
  • Rafter: diagonal parts that meet at the apex to support weight of roof
  • Valley flashing and valley underlayment: waterproofing layers that prevent leaks.
  • Spaced sheathing: refers to the installation of the flat panels.
  • Fascia: the sheath covering the ends of rafters.
  • Lookout: horizontal joists. Support.
  • Gutter: duct for water to move away from roof.
  • Downspout: the part of gutter that transports rainwater towards the ground on side of house.
  • Splash block: the part after downspout that transports water away from the house.

A Professional Exteriors Inspection is Always a Good Idea!

If you suspect any damage to your roof, siding, or gutters, or have not had a roofing inspection in recent years, call for a professional roofing inspection as soon as possible! K&P Exteriors provides roofing and siding services to the Colorado Front Range. We deliver uncompromising customer service that has made us a trusted name in the roofing industry.

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