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K&P Exteriors is a Member of the Colorado Roofing Association

K&P Exteriors is a Member of the Colorado Roofing Association

The CRA was established in 1978. They promote ethics and education in the roofing industry. Their goal is to help homeowners and commercial building owners and managers make informed decisions about replacing and maintaining their roof systems. To be a member of the CRA, a company must demonstrate ethical and professional business relations. The CRA provides its members with training opportunities, updated Colorado code guidelines, on job safety tips, and other roofing association events for company members to meet each other.

K&P Exteriors provides roofing and siding services to the majority of the Colorado Front Range. We deliver uncompromising customer service that has made us a trusted name in the roofing industry. K&P Exteriors has provided many years of roofing and siding services in Colorado, with thousands of satisfied customers.

K & P Exteriors has been in the industry since 2013. We take pride in representing ourselves with the integrity and the experience of our supervisors and crews. We strive to provide every customer with a solution that fits their needs and their budget. We are continually seeking out the most current products in the industry to evaluate and offer to our customers. In addition, our experienced installers and supervisors make sure any of the exterior solutions you choose will withstand Colorado’s unique elevation and weather patterns. Services offered include but are not limited to: different roof types and materials, siding systems, conventional and custom gutters, and, somewhat recently, different window options!

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