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How to Keep Your Attic Cool

Colorado is known for amazing scenery, with areas ranging from arid deserts to lush forest and mountain valleys. Along with this stunning landscape, however, comes some intense weather with summers reaching 95°F or above during July and August. Read on to learn more about how this heat affects your home, especially your attic. 

The Importance of Keeping Your Attic Cool

Summer can be hard on your roof, especially your attic. Just like a vehicle, the temperature of your attic is often significantly higher than the temperature outside. On a 95°F day, attic temperatures can be as high as 150°F! 

Without proper insulation, overheating in your attic will lead to excess heat in the rest of your home. Your energy bills will skyrocket as your air conditioner struggles to keep up—for some homes, a hot attic could account for up to 30% of your cooling costs. Attic heat can also bake your shingles, causing your roof to deteriorate faster and fail prematurely

Top Tips to Cool Your Attic 

  1. Choose lighter-colored roofing materials. Lighter colors reflect solar energy rather than absorbing it, and choosing light-colored roofing materials can reduce the temperature of your attic by approximately 20°F. 
  2. Make sure your attic is insulated. While proper insulation might not keep your attic cool, it will help reduce the transfer of heat to the rest of your home.  Check out this resource on home insulation from the U.S. Department of Energy, and always have insulation installed by a licensed contractor. 
  3. Ventilate your roof. Not only will roof vents help cool your attic off, but they’ll also reduce the build-up of mildew in your ceiling. 

Types of Roofing Vents

There are many different types of roofing vents, but they all serve the same purpose—allowing air to flow through your attic. Some vents are passive, relying on air pressure and thermodynamics to draw cool air up through soffit vents and out through your roof. Other styles are more active, using electric fans or wind power to actively pull hot air out of your attic. We recommend using solar-powered electric fans, so you get the benefit of a powered vent without the added electrical cost. 

At K & P Exteriors, we’ll work directly with you to determine the best solution for your home. If your attic needs improved ventilation, or your roof needs repairs, visit our website and get in touch at (303) 853-0072 to see why we’re the top choice for home exteriors in Colorado!

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