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Drones Being Used in the Construction Industry

Drone in Flight (free stock photo)

Professional Use of Drones

In recent years, many industries have started using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, to capture data about projects and see what is happening on a job site remotely. Construction managers can spend less time traveling from job site to job site. Instead, a drone can travel quickly and give insight on current construction projects. Drones help track and communicate real time progress of the project, track materials and assets, reduce theft, improve visibility and safety.

Prior to a project being started, a drone can be used to help in the bidding process. Equipped with cameras and geo-location sensors, a drone can scan and import survey data for better bidding. The survey data a drone captures can help in more accurate understanding of the area to be built on, and therefore, the cost of the project.

During construction, drones can more quickly and effectively survey the work being done, the crews on the site, the materials being used, etc. this data can help improve on work schedules, keep the project on track and within budget, and reduce theft of materials. Such documentation can also be valuable in case of problems. Finally, drone images of projects can be used to show customers real time progress of construction projects.

Drone Regulations

Something to consider, since drone use is relatively new and booming, is to keep in mind government regulations for drone use. Regulations from commercial and private drone use are continuously evolving. The Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, is the authority on UAV use. Be sure to double and triple check rules for drone use if your company uses drones for data collection.

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