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Things to Consider before Installing Solar Panels on your Roof – K&P Exteriors

Things to Consider before Installing Solar Panels on your Roof

There are many ads popping up with huge incentives for installing solar panels on your roof. Many state governments, Colorado included, are willing to pay a portion of the fee for homeowners to install solar panels. Solar panels do have a number of benefits to consider, such as: less polluting energy and lower home energy costs. Therefore, solar panels are great for the environment and a home owner’s pockets.

Here are a few things to consider before installing solar panels:

Your Roof Condition and Material

Typically, your roof should be in excellent condition before installing solar panels. It will be challenging and costly to replace a roof AFTER you’ve installed solar panels. The panels will have to be removed, then reinstalled, after a roof replacement. This adds to costs and possible damage. In addition, some solar panel companies will not install panels on any other roofing material other than composite shingles.

How long are you planning to live in your House?

Home owners see immediate reduction in their electric bills once the panels are up and running. However, it takes about 5-6 years before the investment is paid off. Solar panel installation is expensive, despite government help and company deals.

Your Home Location

The more hours of sunlight you have, the better your solar panels work! Even tall buildings or trees can alter the efficiency of your solar panels. These obstacles can make shade and shadows, blocking the panels from sunlight.


Installing solar panels require building permits. Make sure you are informed about the proper permits. Also, find a company who has the proper permits and credentials for installing solar panels on your home. Without permits, you take the risk of being fined and asked to reinstall or remove the panels. Building permits are given at a local level, so check with the city and county you live in.

A Professional Roof Inspection is Always a Good Idea!

If you suspect any damage to your roof, siding, or gutters, or have not had a roofing inspection in recent years, call for a professional roofing inspection as soon as possible! K&P Exteriors provides roofing and siding services to the Colorado Front Range. We deliver uncompromising customer service that has made us a trusted name in the roofing industry.

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