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Quick Guide: When is it Time to Replace Your Exteriors?

Quick Guide: When is it Time to Replace Your Exteriors?

Some damage to your home exteriors are obvious, such as leaks in your roof or walls. However, here are some less obvious signs of damage to your home exteriors that should not be ignored.

On the Roof

If you notice curling shingles, excessive dark patches, missing shingles, leaks, paint or glue bubbling around your gutters, or rotting eves on are around your roof, it may be time to repair or replace your roof!

On the Siding

If you notice any cracks, curling, soft and rotten patches, or any form of discoloration in your siding, it may be time for repair or replacement of siding materials. Siding typically lasts for up to 30 years when it’s taken care of. It is recommended you repaint your siding every 7-15 years to help extend the life of your siding material.

If you have Vinyl

Vinyl siding is a bit different than other siding, though it is becoming more and more popular as an exterior material for homes. If you notice any holes, drastically different colors on different sides of house, cracking, hanging loose, in your vinyl siding, it may be time to repair or replace! Lifetime of vinyl siding is typically 20 years.

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