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Questions You Should Ask a Prospective Roofer – K&P Exteriors

Here are four questions you should always ask a prospective roofer before you hire them:

  1. Are You Licensed?

Roofing contractors are generally required to hold licenses for the areas they do work in. make sure a contractor’s license is up to date. Licenses are included in public domain information, so homeowners can easily find these listed on a google search. Most contractors even list their licenses on their webpages. Homeowners can also check if a contractor has any outstanding violations. Doing license checks help you find trustworthy contractors.

  1. Do You Operate Locally?

Hiring a local contractor is safer in the long run. Finding the company listed on google with a physical address ensures you can contact the roofer after the project’s completion. Hiring a local contractor has other benefits too. See our post about Benefits to Hiring a Local Contractor.

  1. Can You Provide References?

Looking at a contractor’s previous work gives homeowners ideas, as well as proves the company’s authenticity. Most contractors have a list of previous clients who are willing to give a firsthand review of the contractor’s work.

  1. Do You Have Insurance?

Roofing and siding projects are physically demanding. There are dangers included in this work. Make sure your contractor offers compensation and liability insurance for accidents on the job. A contractor that has such insurance protects their workers and clients welfare for any damages accidentally incurred during the job.

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