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K&P Exteriors Team Members Participate in Vinyl Training

Training Partnership – February 2020

Vinyl Siding Quarterly Training

K&P Exteriors, in partnership with Ply Gem, a vinyl siding manufacturer, had a quarterly vinyl training seminar in February 2020. There was a great turnout. Around 30 of K&P Exteriors vinyl siding installers took part in the training. For most of the participants, it was a nice refresher on proper install techniques, and industry specific tips from a manufacturer approved trainer. For other participants, it was a chance to learn new techniques and gain inside knowledge to help them become better installers. Most of K&P Exteriors’ on-site supervisors attended the training as well.

The Topics discussed during the training were:

-proper install techniques for bi to siding and all it a accessories

-how to prepare the walls and working surfaces before installing siding

-how to account for extreme hot and cold temperatures when installing 

-how to properly remove and reinstall siding to perform repairs

Continuing education and training opportunities are very important for working professionals. K&P Exteriors is dedicated to providing training to its team members in order to increase trade knowledge, and keep quality workers. Also, such training programs bring all employees to a higher level so they all have similar skills and knowledge. In turn, providing training opportunities applicable to the construction industry allows the work being done by K&P Exteriors’ crews to continue to meet high quality standards in the building industry.

Ply Gem has been in the industry for 75 years. It is a division of Cornerstone Building Brands. Ply Gem and Cornerstone products lead the industry with #1 rated windows, vinyl siding, and metal accessories. They provide excellent warranties for their products. for more information on Ply Gem siding visit:

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