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Holiday Light Safety Tips – K&P Exteriors

It’s December! Many homeowners enjoy decorating the exterior of their homes with lights, including the roof. When you are grabbing your lights and dragging out ladders though, please keep safety precautions in mind. Last year the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported over 12,000 trips to the hospital for folks who were working on their holiday lights and decorations. Injuries were consistent with falling accidents. Here are some safety tips for decorating your roof this holiday season.

Use a simple 5-point harness, vertical lifeline climbing ropes, or even consider a permanent roof anchor. Professional roofers are required to harness up every time they inspect and work on a customer’s roof. Such harnesses are sold at affordable prices at your local hardware store. Rock climbing tools are another option, as well as a permanent roof anchor. With a permanent roof anchor, you can hook up any type of safety harnesses and/or ropes not only for holiday light decorating, but also to clean gutters and inspect your roof damage from time to time.

Holiday lights are festive and beautiful, but please consider your safety while putting them up!

Happy Holidays from the folks at K&P Exteriors.

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